When and what kind of saree design should be Wear?

When and what kind of saree design should be read?

We wear sari of different designs on different occasions. But before that, we all need to know what a sari is?

So let’s know what a sari is?

Sari is a traditional and everyday garment for women. It is made of seamless fabric and it is very long.

Typically, a sari is made of fabric four to nine meters (about 12 hands or 16 feet) long. The sari is folded in different ways and wrapped around the waist and one end is hung over the shoulder, which is called achal.

Sari is usually worn over a petticoat, lehenga/skirt, skirt, and blouse/choli is used on top.

So now let’s know when to read the design of the sari?

Usually, women are seen wearing sari of different designs on different occasions and different designs in different seasons.

Rainy day sari-

Girls like to get wet in the rain. And this time the girls got wet in the rain wearing Georgette sari. This is because the Georgette sari dries quickly, and the Georgette sari does not have any stains, which can fall on other sarees. So the benefit of such a sari on a rainy day.

Summer day sari-

You do not want to wear Georgette, Velvet, Katan, bears, or a heavy sari during hot weather. Because hot weather is not suitable for these sarees. So there is no alternative to cotton sari in summer. But you can’t go everywhere wearing a cotton sari.

So women are seen wearing many more fabric saris with cotton on different occasions. Such as: Manipuri sari, Zoom sari, Jamdani sari, Tater sari, Khesh sari etc. etc.

Sari on the first Baishakh-

On the first day of Boishakh, the sari is not compared with any other garment. At this time the women walk around wearing red and white saris. Since it is hot at that time, thin cotton sarees are very comfortable at that time. So everyone comes out wearing a thin red, white cotton sari.

Winter sari

Winter means that there is no reason to think that the coat boots the sweater. Whether it is winter night or day, the sari is the decoration and glitter.

But keeping the fashion right in winter, many people wear shawls, the latest fashion coats, sweaters, or blazers with sarees.

How to use:

* Wear a full-sleeved or half-sleeved sweater with a sari like a blouse.


* After the sari, put a jacket on it. It will maintain the fashion and it will not feel cold.


* Wear a long coat and wrap the hem of the sari around the neck in the style of a veil.


* Whatever the blazer or coat is, press it on top after wearing the sari. Keep the coat button open.

What will be the sari in marriage?

Whether a woman wears a sari or not, she is black or fair. It is not always possible for women to wear a sari. But it is mandatory to have a sari on the wedding dress menu. In ancient times the bride’s sari was a red tuk-tuk benarasi sari. But now the style of sari has also changed to keep pace with the times. The bride wears a sari of different designs on different occasions. E.g.

On the day of engagement- Saree designs


Light work sari is worn more on the day of engagement. Maybe muslin, chiffon, soft silk, crepe georgette. The color can be blue, pink, peach, light color, etc.

On yellow days- Saree designs


A yellow cotton sari is most suitable for the body. However, besides cotton, there is also Tangail Half Silk or Soft Silk, Jamdani.

Wedding day- Saree designs


When I say marriage, it is as if a red tuk-tuk sari floats in front of my eyes. However, besides red, there are maroon, black, dark blue, purple, or pink. It can also be Benarsi, Katan, Tissue or Muslin. And with the contrast veil.

On the day of Bouvet-

The bride has a fashionable, trendy light work sari. The color can be golden, soft pink, peach, or even white. The bride likes chiffon, muslin, and light work jamdani.

Sari in the office will be like- Saree designs


Sari is not only worn at festivals, now women are wearing a sari in the office. Teachers, airmen, bankers, and women from various corporate organizations wear it. There is a lot of work to be done in the office so it is better to wear a sari made of comfortable fabric. Silk or georgette sari is more comfortable for women, and it will be easier to maintain.

Types Of Silk Sarees

You have to wear a sari like at a party- Saree designs


Girls are seen wearing different types of sari at different party events. You have to choose a sari by understanding the mood of the party. If it is a birthday party, it is one thing, if it is a wedding party, it is different. Andy Silk, Half Silk, Rajshahi Silk, Muslin, Jamdani, Katan, Zardousi can be worn at the night party. And a dark color is more suitable at all times so dark maroon, dark green, ash, black, red, magenta will look good.

And it feels good to have a light body at a day party. A cotton sari looks good to wear at a day party. Nakshikantha works on a sari, various hand paintings seem to be art. And if the color is light, Yellow, Akashi, Turquoise, Banana leaf color, olive color, these will look good. All these designed saris can be worn effortlessly at a day party.