Recipe ideas with Luxlait Cottage Cheese

Discover the way to cook pot cheese , savory and sweet recipes which will enhance this fresh cheese.


Cottage cheese may be a fresh cheese of English origin with a light taste and typical grain texture. Its subtle flavor allows it to travel perfectly in savory and sweet recipes, a perfect ally for breakfast, your meals or your desserts! Pot cheese contains less fat than these cheese companions and may be a good source of protein, pot cheese may be a delight for athletes, vegetarians and other people wishing to eat more light.


Luxlait offers a pot cheese without preservatives or stabilizers made up of Luxembourg milk with only 7.5% fat, a real gourmet ally on your plates.


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Get inspired by our recipe ideas to check this increasingly trendy cream cheese:


1- On toast

Cottage cheese is often used on toast like all other fresh ricotta-type cheeses, cheese with herbs … Ideal for an aperitif, a snack, or for your breakfast, its flavor and grainy texture will allow you to vary the pleasures:


On an avocado toast for a creamy touch.

As a base for toasts with salmon, ham or vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, aubergines …

In a sweet version with jam for breakfast or tea


2- to exchange the crème fraîche

Cottage cheese is often wont to replace crème fraîche to lighten your dishes without losing greed!


In savory pies like a leek quiche, a Lorraine quiche, a pepper tart, a tomato quiche …

In gratins like gratins dauphinoise, zucchini gratins, cauliflower gratins or baked endives


In soups to feature a touch texture

In your sweet pies: plum pie, pie, apricot pie, pie …


The must-have for top-notch dishes

3- Use as a stuffing

Ideal for creating vegetarian stuffed vegetables: zucchini, tomato, pepper, mushroom …

In zucchini or eggplant rolls for an aperitif

With baked potatoes for a fast and attractive meal

For making cheese naans, puffs like queen bites or empanadas

In ravioli or cannelloni


Everything for your stuffed


4- For perfect cold or hot sauces!

The potted cheese will allow you to form creamy and spicy sauces to use in situ of mayonnaise, béchamel …


Cottage cheese sandwiches: falafel sandwich, tuna sandwich, sandwich 

In wraps or pitas to garnish to feature a cheesy touch

Pasta with cottage cheese: lasagna, mushroom dough, kiddle 

In sauces for dips or in crudités sauces with grated carrots for instance 

As a topping to your salads: salad, salad, or poke bowl


The indispensable

5- Without forgetting the desserts!

Cottage cheese is additionally perfect to accompany your sweet desires, whether as an accompaniment or as a part of your recipes!


To spread on crepes, pancakes or waffles

To be enjoyed as is with fruit or granola

To make a cheesecake or a white cheese pie

To add in your cookies for more softness

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