Karhu Kengät New Karhu Fusion Ortix 2021

Karhu is the legendary sports brand of Finland. Not only Finland but also Europe, every sports guy loves karhu.


The Fusion Ortiz 2021 is the first shoe highlighted within the “Every Runner’s Rights” campaign. We believe every runner has unique feet. At Karhu, we don’t dictate how our shoes should fit. Using state-of-the-art 3D foot imaging machines, Karhu builds its shoes off real runners’ foot scans. so as to be the simplest fitting shoe for optimal comfort, the Fusion 2021 is made from many foot scans analyzed by the research and development team.



The Fusion Ortiz 2021 functions as a high cushion daily trainer with more forefoot protection, a shortened fulcrum, and therefore the addition of a propulsion unit. The midsole combination of the fulcrum and propulsion unit gives the Fusion an opulent and energetic ride with a quick transition. The Fusion 2021 is right for more neutral-footed runners seeking a cushioned, durable ride while logging daily miles or when learning the pace during higher intensity efforts.



In the spirit of “Every Runner’s Rights,” female runners have the proper to their own fit. Women’s and men’s foot scans were compared and significant differences in data points were discovered. The 2 most notable differences in measurements were at the instep and forefoot volumes. By creating gender-specific footwear last and adjusting the fit, Karhu proudly introduces a women’s shoe construction called HeraFit.



In order to accommodate more foot shapes, the Fusion is now offered in HiVo (high volume) which provides extra room within the upper for toes to spread. After the successful introduction of HiVo on the Ikoni 2020, it’s now time for the Fusion to receive a further fit option. The HiVo version is quite just a “wide” because it accounts for feet with higher insteps and greater instep girths, and it works for people that prefer more room within the forefoot.