How do you find lehenga design so attractive?

How do you find lehenga design so attractive?

Lehenga is also known as Ghagra, Chania, Pavadai, or Lacha. Nowadays lehenga is the common dress of women. Women wear this dress more in everything from different parties to wedding ceremonies. This dress is made in combination with a blouse and skirt.

There are various collections of lehengas of new designs available in the market now. It would be great if you could choose the lehenga of your choice in color and design and throw it away later. But not all lehengas of all designs suit everyone. So get to know yourself first. Not all people have the same body shape. So everyone should choose the right lehenga according to their own physical constitution and choose lehenga by understanding the color and type.

There are some special things to keep in mind when choosing a lehenga according to your design, and that is –

1) Beautiful design on the neck:

If you have a little extra fat, then make a little design on the upper part of the lehenga towards the neck. You can also do it with sleeves, you can also design the fabric like embroidery or applique. You can also wear it with a collar, but if your shoulders are wide, avoid the collar. Please. You will find it interesting.

2) If the lehenga is cotton:

If the cotton lehenga is beaten, try to get rid of the starch, then wear the top of the three quarters. Diameter !! But tops so that the fittings are perfect. Then you will find it very interesting.

3) Deep cut in the throat:

If you want to bring a little more attractive look besides just looking slim, you can make it with a little deep cut on the neck. Deep cutting on the back will make you look as sexy as you can. Don’t give the sleeves too big at the deep neck cut. Then it will look very interesting.

4) Semi puff sleeves:

If you have a problem with full sleeves, there is another way, if you are particularly weak towards puff sleeves, it is better not to wear them, because puffy sleeves are a little more swollen and feel thicker. If you have to wear semi-puff sleeves, it will look very beautiful.

In fact, whether she looks chubby or tall, everyone wants her to look a little more slim and beautiful in a lehenga. Those with round faces look a lot more attractive and slim when they make tops a little tricky.

How to wear a lehenga at the party will make you look attractive

If you can wear the lehenga in different styles, then the look changes and you can use the same lehenga again and again on different occasions.

1. Tie with the hand

To make you look attractive, fold the lehenga veil and place it on the right shoulder. Keep the front veil long up to your knees. Stick to the shoulder with a safety pin. Bring the other end to the front and fold it with your hands and stick it with a safety pin. First, stick it with the pin and then melt your hand in it.

2. Half saree style – lehenga design

If you are fat, you can wear it in this style. In this style, it looks quite slim as the clothes are wrapped around the waist. Take the other end along the left side of the waist and go near the right side of the waist. Make sure that the front side looks V-shaped and the backside does not look loose.

3. Flowing style – lehenga design

If your lehenga veil work is quite heavy and you want everyone’s attention to the veil work then you can read in this style. At the same time, you can cover your problem areas and highlight the beauty of the veil.

When and what kind of saree design should be Wear?

4. Bengali style – lehenga design

This style has been made from the style of wearing a Bengali sari. Fold the scarf and stick it on the right shoulder with a safety pin. From the front, wrap one end of the veil around your waist and fold it around the waist. Now hold a corner from the back edge and fold it on the left shoulder from the front with a safety pin so that the border of the sari can be seen only.

If your lehenga design is old then do everything to bring a new look-

* You can make a lehenga sari with any other type of fabric with your old designer lehenga. If you want to change the look, you can change the blouse. Wear a lehenga sari with pleats well after not in a messy way. It will make you look attractive just as it will make you look thin.

* You can choose lehenga even if you want an indo-fusion look. But in that case, wear a silk blouse with a lehenga. Choose something a little offbeat as jewelry. Do not forget the veil. You will see that it looks very interesting.

* Anarkali salwar suits are still quite fashionable. You can give your lehenga that looks. Wear a long Kurti or blouse with a lehenga. Take the veil a little differently. You will see that you are very interesting.