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Description Eastern Bank Limited

Eastern Bank Ltd. gives business and retail banking administrations. The organization monetary items and administrations, individual and business banking, exchange administrations, money the board, depository, protections, and custodial administrations. It works its business through the accompanying portions: Onshore Banking, Offshore Banking, EBL Securities Ltd, EBL Investments Ltd, EBL Finance (HK) Ltd, and EBL Asset Management Ltd.

The Onshore Banking fragment manages the full scope of business banking items and administrations offered by four diverse specialty units: Corporate, SME, Consumer Banking, and Treasury. The Offshore Banking fragment incorporates advances, stores, and different exchanges and equilibriums in uninhibitedly convertible monetary standards with qualified corporate clients.

The EBL Securities Ltd portion purchases sell and arrangements in offers, debentures, and different protections in the interest of clients and do edge loaning and so on The EBL Investments Ltd fragment offers a wide range of dealer banking exercises for example issue the executives, guaranteeing, portfolio the board and different exchanges.

The EBL Finance (HK) Ltd fragment manages exchange money and seaward financial business in Hong Kong. The EBL Asset Management Ltd fragment does business on resource the executives, portfolio the board, capital market activity, value venture, monetary administrations, for example, corporate warning, consolidation and obtaining, corporate rebuilding and so on Eastern Bank was established on August 8, 1992, and is settled in Dhaka, Bangladesh.



1. EBL Assure

EBL Assure is a way of life credit office for any genuine reason with life coverage inclusion.

Special feature  

  • Life Insurance coverage with MetLife ALICO    
  • Insurance coverage for Death or Permanent total disability (Sickness or Accident)



  • Advance sum least BDT 100000 – BDT 2000000 (or greatest multiple times of gross pay whichever is lower) 
  • Reimbursement residency greatest 12,24,36,48 and multi month 
  • Preparing charge 0.5% of the advance sum 
  • Serious loan fee 
  • One individual underwriter required 
  • The early full and incomplete settlement permitted 
  • No shrouded charges 
  • No security required 
  • Bother free with Minimal documentation



  • Minimum 22 years    
  • Maximum 60 years(Salaried), 65 years (Professional)

Length of experience:    

  • Salaried Executives: Minimum 1 year, 6 months with present employer    
  • Self-employed Professionals: Minimum 1-year practice in the respective profession

Minimum Gross Monthly Income:  Eastern Bank Limited

  • Salaried Executives: Minimum Gross Monthly Income BDT 20000 for Govt. & nongovt. employee  
  • Self-employed Professionals: Minimum Gross monthly Income BDT 30,000

2. EBL EXECUTIVE LOAN (Eastern Bank Limited)

EBL Executive Loan is any purpose unsecured and Term loan facility (EMI based) for any legitimate purpose. Banks would finance against the monthly income of any creditworthy individual to meet his/her lifestyle needs.


  • Individual advance office for any purchaser needs. 
  • Advance Amount: BDT 100,000 to BDT 2,000,000 or up to multiple times of Gross Monthly pay, whichever is lower 
  • Reimbursement residency of a year to 60 months 
  • Serious loan cost 
  • One individual underwriter required 
  • The early full and halfway settlement permitted 
  • Insignificant documentations 
  • No security required 
  • No concealed charges 
  • ​Shortest credit handling time


Age :
  • Minimum 22 years
  • Maximum 60 years(Salaried), 65 years (Landlord/Professional)

Length of experience:

  • Salaried Executive: Minimum 1 year, half-year with present managers 
  • Independently employed Professionals: Minimum 1-year practice in the separate calling

Minimum monthly income: Eastern Bank Limited

  • BDT 20000/= for Salaried Executives (Govt. and Non-Govt.) 
  • BDT 30000/= for Self-utilized experts/Landlords 
  • For any financial necessities of yours, kindly call our 24-hour Call Center 16230 or 8332232 or email us: info@ebl.com.bd. We will reach you as quickly as time permits.

3. EBL WOMEN’S LOAN (Eastern Bank Limited)

EBL Women’s Loan is any reason unstable EMI based credit office for any genuine reason for the salaried and expert female workforce.

Best for you if you are-

  • Salaried Women, Professional Women, Landlady
  • Searching for any unsecured lifestyle loan (EMI based)

Loan Amount: Eastern Bank Limited

  • Minimum: BDT 1,00,000
  • Maximum: BDT20,00,000

Note: DBR must be supportive with income and EMI as per income assessment guideline

Age of Applicant: Eastern Bank Limited

Minimum: 22 years;


  • Salaried Segment: 60 years
  • Professional & Landlady Segment: 65 years

Length of Service:

Permanent Salaried Executive:

  • Minimum 1-year continuous service Length and 6 months with the present employer;

Professional: 1 year of practice;


Income (Minimum):

Salaried Segment (net month to month Salary/Income): 

BDT 15,000 for Teacher and government worker 

BDT 20,000 for Teacher and government worker 

Experts and Landladies: BDT30,000 

Legally binding Employee: BDT 30,000 

Tenor: 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months (regardless of credit sum) 

Charges: 1% of the advance sum. Related Prevailing Fees will be charged. 

Fractional Payment: Any purpose of time; Minimum 30% installment of exceptional; 

Early Settlement: Any purpose of time; Related Prevailing Fees will be charged. 

Individual Guarantor: 1 individual underwriter required (Spouse Guarantor is liked) 

Reference: 2 references will be required 

Joint Application: Spouse only; Total net month to month pay of Principal and Joint Applicant ought to be at least BDT 30,000 every month

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