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Buy Apex Footwear shoes in Bangladesh online from Daraz. Apex shoes are as popular all over the world as they are in Bangladesh. Apex is one of the most popular shoes among the people of Bangladesh. Boys, girls, older people all like it.

You may be one of them. Then you have come to the right place.

There are very few people who do not love to shop. And shopping online has become much easier. You don’t have to go to the store to buy jam. If you like, order through our website and you will get the product you want. And it is better to avoid public gatherings as much as possible during the present times.

apex shoes

Everyone in the world is terrified of Corona now, just as the people of Bangladesh are no less terrified. At present, it is better not to go out without much work.

So you can buy your favorite Apex shoes from our online shop while sitting at home. Stay at home and order from us at home and you will get the product of your choice from Marquis in your hands.

Apex shoes are on our list of favorites for any occasion or for everyday reading.

So for use at any time, our online store Marquis Bangladesh has available all the shoe collections of the famous brand Apex

We have here the price list of Bata shoes of different designs, sizes, colors according to the updated price of 2020. You can even buy shoes of your choice for the size of your or your loved one’s feet from Marquis. You will find all the Apex shoes at the original price here.

We have Apex Casual Sue, Formal Sue, Sports Shoes, Sandals, Canvas for boys. For girls, you will find ladies sandals, sports shoes, heel shoes, casual and closed shoes, kids’ shoes.

There are many more types of shoes in Apex shoes, such as Apex, Sprint, Venturini, Maverick, Canvas, all kinds of shoes you will find with us.

  •   Apex shoes range from BDT 2,000 to BDT 5,000.
  •   Venturini shoes cost between BDT 4,000 and BDT 6,000.
  •   Maverick shoes cost between BDT 2,000 and BDT 6,000.
  •   Canvas shoes cost between BDT 800 and BDT 2,500.
  •   Sprint’s shoes cost between BDT 600 and BDT 7,000.
  •   Maverick boots will cost between BDT 4,000 and BDT 6,000.

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So shop your favorite butter shoe from Marquis easily without the hassle of angle.